At Art Basel, world renowned performance artist Marina Abramovicannounced”>announced in a panel discussion that she will launch her first ever NFTs titled The Hero 25FPS on the energy-efficient Tezos”>Tezos blockchain July 25th, 2022. This one-of-a-kind performance on the blockchain, presented in collaboration with the Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Art (CIRCA”>CIRCA), depicts the figure of a steadfast woman astride a white horse holding a white flag that is waving gracefully in the wind, over the expansive landscape of trees and sky in Spain. The Hero25FPS (frames per second), offers the chance to gather time. holds a symbolic charge because it is set against today’s backdrop of global instability and escalating conflicts and climate breakdown.

Abramovic revisits one of her most intimate and personal works, titled ” . The performance will be broadcast every evening on the CIRCA global network.

This July, Abramovic will invite the public to experience time through collecting either single unique frame NFTs (.JPG) or multiple unique frame NFTs (.GIF) on the Tezos blockchain. Expanding the idea of time-based media to a Web3 audience. This collaborative performance will engage thousands with NFT collectors with an once-in-a lifetime opportunity to own an affordable NFT from one of the most famous performers in the world.

This work will be part a unprecedented three-month a href=”” titel=”CIRCA presentation”> CIRCA Presentation, and a global appeal for brave heroes at a pivotal point in our collective history.

“Our planet is in dire need of moral, uncorrupted heroes who will bring real change and courage to the streets. Every day in this world is a shaky, uncertain, constantly changing landscape. This white horse is for CIRCA 2022. This white flag. This beautiful land. Heroes that bring new light to our lives are essential. Heroes that can inspire us to be better, and to work together, not against each other. Marina Abramovic stated that Heroes who Care are heroes.

This performance of co-creation between Marina, CIRCA and NFT collectors on the Tezos blockchain will provide thousands of people with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of owning accessible NFTs by one of the world’s most famous performance artists, while also supporting creators around the world.

Marina has stressed the importance of her NFTs being both accessible and eco-friendly. This is why she decided to mint Hero 25FPS on the Tezos blockchain. “Energy consumption, is really important.” I don’t want it to be” said Abramovic when speaking about NFTs at Art Basel.

Tezos is a low-cost platform for collecting and minting NFTs. This has led to a global community of collectors, builders, and artists. Tezos has become the home of many NFT platforms, including and

Marina explained that NFTs were something Marina had to put off for a while because she wanted to find the right content. Abramovic, who is pushing the boundaries of audience and artist, will invite the public this July to experience time. They will collect either one or multiple unique frames NFTs.JPG to help co-create and determine how The Hero 25FPS gets minted on Tezos.

Marina Abramovic also partnered up with CIRCA in creating the HERO grant, a new initiative to support activists and changemakers within the Web3 community. A percentage of funds from The Hero 25FPS will be given back to the Tezos Web3 communities in the form grant money. You are invited to submit the application form

“I want just to talk about something so interesting about Web3 space, as well as this young generation working with NFTs. The older generation of artists is fond to ridicule them at first and thinks that this is nonsense or bullshit. Same would happen to me in the 70s” said Marina Abramovic. “Say to Web3’s young children, don’t lose heart, you are the future. You have the vision.”

Marina Abramovic expanded on the HERO grant for heroes in Web3 at Art Basel. She said: “We need people who can bring new light to the Web3 space. We need people that we can look up at and admire their morality. And be inspired. We need real heroes right now”.

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