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Telluria exchange

We connect money!
Own payment system

  • Crypto currencies and FIAT money wallets.
  • Exchange from FIAT money into COINS and back.
  • Direct access to the IBAN / SWIFT payment.
  • Without intermediary banks.
  • Minimum transfer fee.


Low commission

One of the lowest trading commissions - the interest rate of commission for the transactions (market-maker/market taker) will comprise only 0,15%.

Large selection of cryptoassets

There are up to 500 different tokens for the trade - from those which are already popular to the new ones. Possibility of exchanging any liquid crypto currency pairs.

Fast and handy input and output of assets

Use the popular payment systems in more than 30 countries of the world: bank transfer (SWIFT, SEPA), electronic payment systems, etc.

Fork support

We plan to support any appearing forks, and new tokens, in the quantity, which corresponds to the rules of fork, will be given to the users of our platform.

Compliance with the AML / KYC requirements

Adaptive system for the trader verification in compliance with international AML and KYC requirements. Output of assets up to 2BTC/24h without the verification of documents.

Legitimate status

We are registered in the jurisdiction with positive cryptocurrency regulation and loyal attitude towards crypto users, which induces a high level of confidence in traders.

High speed of performance

High speed and reliable request processing due to the expanded infrastructure with the low latency accomplishes warrants on the best price.


For 98% cryptoassets is used the cold type of storage. The current transactions use the assets, which size is limited by the calculated daily need of tradings. Safety of your data and assets is ensured by the built-in algorithms of protection, in which all known potential threats, which can lead to the embezzlement of personal information and assets, are taken into account.

Referral program

Credible proven possibility of getting additional income for all users signed up on the stock exchange. Invite new users and earn 20% from the commissions for their transactions.

Promotion bonus



You register in the project and receive your unique identifier.

Sign up


Based on your identifier, you receive a special referral link, which you can use to attract new users.



When a new user has registered, you are awarded with 20% of the commission for each transaction made by this user. The more people you attract, the more is your income.